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abstract SAILBOATS


Carlos Miguel Jordan, native of Arecibo, Puerto Rico, moved to the mainland in 1952 to study Commercial Art & Architecture Design. His study of the arts was postponed after joining the US Marine Corps in October 1953 and actively serving in Korea. In 1961, Carlos received an Honorary Discharge from the Marines and was presented with medals for National Defense, United States Service, and Korean Service. In 1990, he retired as a Civil Service employee and was recognized with honor and special awards for his outstanding commercial art and presentations for the government.


After retiring from Civil Service, Carlos became evermore involved with his passion of the arts. Through attending and teaching art classes he further developed his distinctive talent for both real and surreal portraits and life perspectives. His use of oil on canvas was predominant but not overshadowing to the many other medium he was known to use. BLUEBERRY is a particularly notable piece, as it is one of the few acrylic portraits Carlos created, which was commemorated and awarded by Plains Art Association. The use subtle edges in conjunction with bold analogous and complementary color choice really set the works of Carlos apart.

Carlos, known to his family and friends as "POPPIE", passed away on July 6, 2016, but his legacy continues  on through our lives and his angelic creations...SIEMPRE...

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