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Keep your wine or preferred beverage insulated for hours on end while maintaining your style with this neoprene tote. The built-in carrying handle along with the soft grip makes transportation a breeze.

  • 100% neoprene
  • Black trim and inside color
  • Stain resistant and soft grip handles
  • Fits a 25oz – 34oz (750ml – 1L) bottle

Important: Delivering this product outside the U.S. may require additional shipping and handling charges.

This is an on-demand product, meaning it is made specifically for you! On-demand products may take a little more time to deliver to you, but they are a more sustainable product. By purchasing on-demand products you are helping to reduce the footprint of mass production and wasted resources.

Abstract-Colors Bottle Tote

SKU: 65334542470053054835
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