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Our XL Canvas Prints & Wraps are 1.5” (3.8cm) deep and made with hand-stretched fabric on a wooden frame, these prints are extremely durable with a long-lasting semi-glossy finish.  Printed in vivid detail and stunning color. The prints are made to fit all of the artwork on the front of the canvas and are ideal for framing. The wraps incorporate the artwork on all sides of the canvas, so it can be hung as-is or framed to match your space.

  • Material: 100% polyester with semi-gloss finish
  • Hand stretched fabric
  • High-quality pine frame
  • One Size: 40” x 60” x 1.5” (101.6cm x 152.4cm x 3.8cm)

Important: Delivering this product outside the U.S. may require additional shipping and handling charges.

This is an on-demand product, meaning it is made specifically for you! On-demand products may take a little more time to deliver to you, but they are a more sustainable product. By purchasing on-demand products you are helping to reduce the footprint of mass production and wasted resources.

People-Ballerinas V XL Canvas Print

SKU: 20630368330792141172
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